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Stratégie d’entreprise

Responsable du cours : Christian Turbé (CFM Ag)

Description : By confronting practical experience gained in advising many corporates in their strategy formulation with corporate strategy theory, the aim of this course is to provide the students with:
− An understanding of the concepts of Corporate Strategy
− A definition of corporate strategy as a permanent process within the firm
− A set of practical tools and an analytical framework allowing them to elaborate a strategy and its implementation

Required prerequisite :
− Basic knowledge of management theory; at least one training in a firm is a plus
− Key concepts of Corporate Finance
− Motivation and open-mind
− Active participation for experience sharing

What will the students be able to do at the end of the course?
− Understand the key concepts of corporate strategy
− Formulate a corporate strategy, or participate in the process of its formulation, and develop a corresponding strategic plan
− Raise awareness of the emergence of new strategies and business models thanks to new technologies
− Critically assess a corporate strategy as materialized in a Strategic Business Plan

Key concepts : Corporate strategy, strategic thinking, strategic planning, industry, value chain, cost leadership, competitive advantage, differentiation, segment focus, positioning

Summary :
1. Introduction:
− Why a strategy?
− Defining corporate strategy: plan, process or position?
− Brief history of the concept of corporate strategy

2. Formulating a strategy: from positioning the firm to strategic intentions:
− Positioning the firm: The firm as a complex system
− Key tools: their characteristics and limitations
− From positioning to intentions

3. Generic Strategies:
− Porter’s strategies
− Impact of new technologies: how they allow for new strategies and business models

4. Strategic planning: from intentions to actions:
− The concept of strategic planning: strategic planning vs strategic thinking
− Avoiding the planning trap: inserting planning in the management cycle of the firm

5. Conclusion:
− Factors for a successful elaboration and implementation of a strategy


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27 et 28 juin 2024

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