A selective curriculum in three years


Teaching organization and professional integration

The Magistere in Banking and Finance is a training in three years, corresponding to the last year of bachelor degree and the two years of Master.

In addition to the degree of the Magisterium, our students automatically obtain at the end of each year:

  • The last year of bachelor degree in Economics and Management (Training program: Money-Bank-Finance),
  • Master 1 in Bank-Finance-Insurance (Training program: Financial and Banking Technics)
  • Master 2 in Bank-Finance-Insurance (Training program: Financial and Banking Technics)

Students have the opportunity to work up to 35 months in company through training:

  • Between the first and the second year: up to 5 months of internship;
  • Between the second and the third year: 12 months in an optional year off;
  • In the third year: 6 months as part of an end-of-studies internship (classical curriculum) or 12 months as part of an apprenticeship contract (work-linked training curriculum).

Eventually, the possibility of realizing two additional 6-month internships after graduation.

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Entry to the Magisterium is mainly at the first year (approximately 25 places), with about 10 places open for direct admission in the second year (in Master 1).


The admission to the first year is open to students holding a second year of bachelor degree in economics and management, MASS, but also, to second-year students in Higher School Preparatory Classes (ENS, business schools, engineering schools, ...), or to students of equivalent training.

The admission to the second year is open to students holding a degree of higher or equal to a final year of bachelor (that is, third year of bachelor degree (L3) and first year of Master in Economics or MASS, degree from business or engineering schools).

In any case, the selection process falls into two steps:

Eligibility :

  • A written test in the form of multiple choice tests to assess the candidate's academic knowledge and thinking capacity. The questions are related to the standard L1 and L2 curriculum for entry at L3 level (first year of Magisterium), and the L3 curriculum for entry at M1 level (second year of Magisterium), in mathematics, statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, English, and general culture in finance.
  • An assessment of the candidate's file (academic path, internships).

Admissions :

  • An interview in French and in English by teachers and professionals, aiming to test and assess the student's personality, his dynamism and his ability to integrate into a team.



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Shortlisted results announced
11 juin 2024

27 et 28 juin 2024

Final admission results
29 juin 2024

Fin des inscriptions administratives
8 juillet 2024 (MBF1 et MBF2), 13 juillet 2024 (Master 2 TFB).

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