Advanced Monetary Economics
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Advanced Monetary Economics

Professor: Christian OTTAVJ, Panthéon-Assas University

Objective: The aim of the course is to address the theoretical and political issues raised by the influence of the currency on the economy (growth, inflation, interest rate and level of employment).


  1. The status of currency in the economy
  2. The monetary equilibrium and its stability
  3. Neutrality of currency in the short term
  4. Long-term currency neutrality
  5. The determination of interest rates
  6. Interest rate and activity level
  7. Interest rates and expectations errors: the analysis of I. Fisher
  8. Natural, Banking and Market Interest Rates: K. Wicksell's Analysis
  9. Interest rate and market: F. Hayek's analysis
  10. The influence of money on income: the comparative analyzes of Friedman and JM Keynes



Bibliography: Ottavj, C. (2016), Théorie monétaire, Paris, éd. Synonyme - Sor.


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18 mai 2023

24 et 25 mai 2023

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26 mai 2023

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