Crypto-assets and blockchains
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Crypto-assets and blockchains

Professor: Christophe Chouard, Associate Professor, Panthéon-Assas University, Aldis Capital Consultant

Objectives: The aim of the course is to discover new concepts such as Bitcoin, crypto-assets, and blockchains, and address the following questions: How do Blockchains work? What dislocations could happen in the near future in financial services and payment solutions?


1. Introduction: What is a currency?

  • Highlighting the notion of trust

2. The operation of Blockchains in details:

  • The origins of the creation of Bitcoin
  • Principles and objectives of Bitcoin ;
  • Transaction Authentication
  • Electronic signature by encryption, decryption authentication
  • Private key, public key and account number
  • Validation of transactions: how to prevent double spending?
  • Block transaction registration
  • The hashing (principle, operation, utilities) and the Merkle tree
  • How to make impossible any modification of an old data?
  • Validation of transaction blocks (mining) and block chaining

3. Bitcoin, an ideal currency?

  • Does bitcoin have the characteristics of a currency?

4. The other blockchains :

  • The similarities between Bitcoin and other blockchains ;
  • Developments of new blockchains (private, sectoral)
  • The smart contracts of Ethereum

5. Applications of the technology of Blockchains :

  • Register of property (cadastre) of physical assets (real estate, gold, diamonds, etc.) ;
  • Register of intellectual property, activity license, university degrees
  • Tracing: who handled what, who (or what) went where?
  • Settlement-delivery of financial assets (aftermarket): « trade is settlement » ;
  • Payment without a trusted third party (alternative to Visa and to Paypal ?) ;
  • The ICO and the stable coins » ;
  • IoT and BFR financing: trade finance and supply-chain finance ;
  • Private and sectoral initiatives in finance (PTDL, R3, B3i, etc.).

6. Issues:

  • Risks
  • Regulation (the points of view of the ESMA, the ECB and the ACPR)

Grading: A final exam at the end of the semester.

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29 juin 2024

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