Portfolio Management Strategies
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Portfolio Management Strategies

Objectives: The aim of the course is 1) to provide students with a general overview of asset management, major trends and the different strategies of Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds2) to present the modern portfolio theory that has allowed the development of so-called strategies « smart-beta » ; 3) to address the topical subject of investment in risk factors known as « Factor Investing ».


I. General presentation

  • Major trends in asset management
  • Presentation of the world of UCITS
  • The main strategies of Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds.

II. From modern portfolio theory to risk-based investments

  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Strategies of « smart-beta » ; ;
  • Factor investing.

Grading: Individual project delivered at the end of the semester.



  • Cazalet Z. and Roncalli T. (2014), Facts and Fantaisies About Factor Investing, Working Paper, Lyxor Asset Management.
  • Cazalet Z., Grison P. and Roncalli T. (2014), The Smart Beta Indexing Puzzle, Journal of Index Investing, 5(1).
  • Roncalli T. (2013), Introduction to Risk Parity and Budgeting, Chapman & Hall.


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