Financial choices (with computer application)
 /  Financial choices (with computer application)
Financial choices (with computer application)

Objective: The aim of this course is to apply Excel to the resolution of key problems of finance. After a reminder of the main functions of Excel, we will develop applications in actuarial calculation, valuation of options and portfolio management.


1. Reminders

  • Application of a scale for the calculation of tax

2. Actuarial calculation

  • Construction of debt amortization schedules
  • Bond calculation (price, sensitivity, duration)
  • Construction of the zero-coupon and forward rate curve forward.

3. Option pricing

  • Modeling the course of an action by a stochastic process
  • Introduction to the Monte Carlo method for evaluating options

4. Portfolio Management and Optimization

  • Building the efficient frontier
  • Calculation of statistics on stock market data

Grading: Final exam at the end of the semester.


  • Winston Wayne L., Excel pour le business et la finance, Microsoft Press, 2004.


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