The Sport Union


The Sport Board, through the association "Challenge Magistère", is in charge of sport for the Magisterium and the Master II in Financial and Banking Technics. The association has two key missions:


  • Open up the practice of sport to all students, regardless of the level, and thus best represent the Magisterium at inter-school sports events.
  • Organize student life as much as possible by sport in order to energize the Magisterium and offer activities and events aim to entertain students.


The Sport Association regularly participates in renowned inter-school sports competitions such as the "Spi Dauphine", the "EDHEC Boat Cup", the "GEM Altigliss" (Student Ski World Cup) ...


Very often, the values of sport and those of companies are quite similar, that is why we want to pass on, through the Sport Board, solidarity, team spirit and competition ...

The Sport Union


At 08:00
Admission interviews

Entretiens d’admission : en présentiel les 27 et 28 juin 2024 (MBF1 et Master 2 TFB, Centre Assas – 92, rue d’Assas 75006 Paris).

At 10:00
Shortlisted results announced

Communication des résultats d’admissibilité par mail le 11 juin 2024 (MBF1 et Master 2 TFB).

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The members elected year by year


Théo Pierin


Guillaume Dutheil


Ayan Monteiro Silva

Secretary General

Kévin Ponty


Elise Bardetlinkedin-inbug-2c


Corentin Lamourlinkedin-inbug-2c


Diane Archambeaudlinkedin-inbug-2c

Secretary General

Estelle Bardylinkedin-inbug-2c

Pôle événementiel

Antoine Briendlinkedin-inbug-2c

Pauline Charniot

Guillaume Lacourcellelinkedin-inbug-2c

Nathan Le Clanchelinkedin-inbug-2c

Quentin Le Duc


Khadija Diamé  linkedin-inbug-2c


Guillaume Papot linkedin-inbug-2c


Lena Kaya linkedin-inbug-2c

Secretary General

Tania Lauraine linkedin-inbug-2c

 Pôle Sponsors

Hugo Legrand linkedin-inbug-2c   &  Lucas Aubert linkedin-inbug-2c

Pôle événementiel

Maxence Schiffer linkedin-inbug-2c


Lydia Bouchahda linkedin-inbug-2c


Cindy Ben Soussan linkedin-inbug-2c


Vincent Freret linkedin-inbug-2c

Secretary General (representing the first-year students)

Augustin Huvet  linkedin-inbug-2c

General information

Address :

122, rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris, FRANCE

L4 L6 L12 L13 Montparnasse
L10 L13 Duroc
L4 Saint-Placide
L12 Falguière

Phone :
+33 (0)1 53 63 80 76

Email :


Shortlisted results announced
11 juin 2024

27 et 28 juin 2024

Final admission results
29 juin 2024

Fin des inscriptions administratives
8 juillet 2024 (MBF1 et MBF2), 13 juillet 2024 (Master 2 TFB).

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