The apprenticeship

A partnership of excellence between companies and the University.


he third year of Magisterium and the Master II in Financial and Banking Technics are open to apprenticeship with CFA Formasup. The contracts last 12 months, from September of the year n to September of the year n + 1, with possibility of derogation for three additional months from mid-June or until the end of November.

The apprentice is supervised by an apprenticeship master in company, and by an academic tutor at the University, member of the teaching staff. The academic tutor meets the apprentice 4 times a year on university time in order to fill in his apprenticeship booklet and follow the written of the post-graduate dissertation. It organizes the memorandum presentation in September with the apprenticeship master and members of the teaching staff.


Our organisation of the apprenticeship: 1 day in 5 days. Regarding the academic year 2020-2021, our students attend 6 blocked-weeks of courses during the year starting in the very first week of September. The rest of the time, they are 4 days a week in the company and every Friday in class. From the month of April, the students are 100 % in the company.


Highlights of the year for partner companies 

September: the cocktail before the beginning of the school year

All promotions of the Magisterium meet the academic speakers and professionals of the training.

December: the traditional cocktail of alumni

Strengthening and expansion of the professional network of alumni and partner companies during a special event.

January: the educational breakfasts

Meeting at the University between academic supervisors and apprenticeship managers.


Brochure du Magistère Banque Finance Calendrier d’alternance 2022-2023

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Shortlisted results announced
14 juin 2022

22 et 23 juin 2022

Final admission results
24 juin 2022 au plus tard

Fin des inscriptions administratives
8 juillet 2022 (MBF1 et MBF2), 13 juillet 2022 (Master 2 TFB).

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